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  Laura Cain College and Career Advisor (Names L - Z)
  Karrisa Knedgen College & Career Advisor (Names A-K)

College & Career Center

Students and Families:

Welcome to the College & Career Center! Our goal is to assist students in developing and carrying out individualized, well-informed post-graduation plans. Though the majority of our graduates choose to pursue a 2- or 4-year degree, we are eager to help no matter the plans being considered. We tackle everything from career exploration, to college applications and financial aid, to connecting students to military recruiters, and more.

All students will meet one-on-one with their Advisor starting in the spring of their Junior year and continuing throughout Senior year. Any student, regardless of the year in school, may request an appointment before then.

To request an appointment, email your Advisor or stop by the College & Career Center. Students whose last names begin with A-K will meet with Mrs. Knedgen, and students whose last names begin with L-Z will meet with Mrs. Cain. Students will be sent a pass at the time of their appointment. 

The College & Career Center is made possible by partnerships with rootEd Alliance and The Ayers Foundation.