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  Linda Scheidemantel A+ Coordinator
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UHS A+ Program

High School A+ Schools Program


Missouri's Outstanding Schools Act of 1993 established provisions for the implementation of a grant award program to institute A+ Schools and improve the education of high school students within the State of Missouri. Beginning in 1994, the A+ Schools Program has provided grant awards to Missouri's public school districts that demonstrate a commitment to ensure that the Program's goals are met in their high schools.

Goals of the A +Program 

As outlined by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, the primary goals of the A+ Program are:

  • All students will graduate from high school.
  • All students will complete a selection of high school studies that is challenging and for which there are measurable learner expectations.
  • All students will proceed from high school graduation to college, post-secondary career/technical school, or a high wage job with workplace skill development and opportunities.

A+ enrollment is completely voluntary.  Students may participate in the program by completing and returning a signed A+ Participant Agreement. In addition, students are required to complete and return the A+ Tutoring/Mentoring Agreement and the A+ Transportation Agreement.  After this, the student is confirmed as an active A+ student. Upon confirmation into the A+ Program it becomes the responsibility of the student to meet all the requirements of the program to become eligible for the tuition reimbursement upon graduation.  These completed forms can be returned to the A+ office (room 215) or to the Guidance Office.

Union High School received it’s A+ designation in 2003.  At that time, 24% of the graduating class qualified for the A+ incentives.  Since 2010, 60% or more of the graduating classes have fulfilled the requirements needed for A+ certification.

EOC Letter (NOV 4, 2016)

The A+ Program is now governed by the Missouri Department of Higher Education.  As many of you are already aware, MDHE has made some important changes to the requirements needed to qualify for the A+ Scholarship.   A complete copy of the requirements for the 2016 - 2017 school year can be found at:

“Beginning with the high school senior class of 2015, all graduates must achieve a score of proficient or advanced on the Algebra I end of course exam or a higher level DESE approved end-of-course exam in the field of mathematics.” This letter is to update you on the A+ Schools Program requirements, especially concerning the end of course Algebra I requirement. 

“If you meet all of the eligibility requirements except the end of course exam requirement, you may establish eligibility by achieving a qualifying score on mathematics component of the ACT test.   You may achieve the qualifying score as a high school or postsecondary student.  If you achieve the score as a postsecondary student you may be eligible for an award in the same term that you take the test.  The MDHE will announce the qualifying ACT scores annually.  The following table displays the qualifying scores for the 2017 high school seniors.”

          ACT Math Score


High School GPA



2.5 or greater



2.8 or greater



3.0 or greater

At UHS, students have the opportunity to meet this requirement by passing ONE of the following EOCs (some are not offered every year):  Algebra I, Geometry, or Algebra II.  Students may also retake the Algebra I EOC if necessary.

Of course the other requirements still must be met in order to qualify for the A+ incentive.  These are:

  • Be a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or permanent resident of  the U.S.
  • Enter into a written agreement with your high school prior to graduation
  • Attend a designated A+ high school for 3 consecutive years immediately prior to graduation
  • Graduate with an overall grade point average of 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale
  • Have at least a 95% attendance record overall for grades 9-12.
  • Perform at least 50 hours of unpaid tutoring or mentoring, of which up to 25% may include job shadowing.
  • Maintain a record of good citizenship and avoid the unlawful use of drugs and/or alcohol.

As is stated in the UHS A+ Booklet, A+ policy is subject to change by the Missouri Legislature at any time.  The current UHS A+ Booklet might not always reflect the most recent changes to the A+ policies.  Please refer to for the most up to date requirements.

If your student took a Math EOC this spring, their score will not be included in the spring A+ update letter.  Updated EOC scores will be included with the January update letter. 

Again, please check the following webpage for more information:    If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact me. 



Linda Scheidemantel

A+ Coordinator

636-583-2513 X 1716