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Staff Directory

To contact a staff member via email, just click on the appropriate envelope icon in front of their name. Teachers with active websites are listed in blue. To access their website, just click on the teacher's name. Department Heads are noted with (*). 

Contact Noah Assareh  Noah Assareh Communication Arts Teacher & Girls Soccer Asst. Coach & Speech Team Head Coach
Contact Ryan Bailey  Ryan Bailey Social Studies Teacher/Varsity Baseball Coach
Contact Christy Baker  Christy Baker Counselor (Names A - G) / Student Council Sponsor
Contact Jeff Baker  Jeff Baker Math Teacher
Contact John Barnes  John Barnes Social Studies Teacher
Contact Melissa Bestgen  Melissa Bestgen Comm Arts Teacher (*)
Contact Danielle Blair  Danielle Blair Vocational Agriculture Teacher (*)
Contact Lisa Boehmer  Lisa Boehmer Special Education Teacher
Contact Nichole Bowles  Nichole Bowles Social Studies Teacher
Contact Tammy Boykin  Tammy Boykin Paraprofessional
Contact Matt Clauser  Matt Clauser Science Teacher
Contact Justin Cranmer  Justin Cranmer Art Teacher / Wrestling Coach
Contact Jacquelyn Drury  Jacquelyn Drury Math Teacher
Contact Heather Eberlin  Heather Eberlin Vocational Agriculture Teacher
Contact Cindy Freund  Cindy Freund Paraprofessional
Contact Sherry Gay  Sherry Gay Nurse Aide
Contact Charles Gehlauf  Charles Gehlauf Business Teacher (*)
Contact Janet Goodman  Janet Goodman Guidance Secretary
Contact Justin Grahl  Justin Grahl Health / PE Teacher
Contact Brandi Gremaud  Brandi Gremaud Science Teacher
Contact Nicole Griffin  Nicole Griffin Math Teacher
Contact Amy Hall  Amy Hall Instructional Technology Specialist
Contact Josh Hall  Josh Hall Asst Principal
Contact Vicki Harrison  Vicki Harrison Front Office - Attendance Clerk
Contact Beth Herrmann  Beth Herrmann SLP
Contact Amy Hoechst  Amy Hoechst Special Education Teacher
Contact Nathan Hoskins  Nathan Hoskins Math Teacher
Contact Matt Huber  Matt Huber Social Studies Teacher
Contact Elaine Hutson  Elaine Hutson Business Teacher
Contact Susan Johnson  Susan Johnson Science Teacher
Contact Tracy Jorden  Tracy Jorden Special Education Teacher
Contact Taylor Juergens  Taylor Juergens Business Teacher
Contact Amy Kain  Amy Kain UHS Principal
Contact Lisa Kerr  Lisa Kerr Guidance Office Clerk
Contact Tina Kluesner  Tina Kluesner Comm. Arts Teacher
Contact William Koch  William Koch Science Teacher (*)
Contact Donna Krull  Donna Krull Math Teacher
Contact Nicole Kuske  Nicole Kuske GED/Social Studies Teacher
Contact Markie Lampkin  Markie Lampkin Associate Principal
Contact Kyle Mabury  Kyle Mabury Vocational Agriculture Teacher
Contact Amanda McGovern  Amanda McGovern Family and Consumer Science Teacher
Contact Glenn Mechem  Glenn Mechem AP Social Studies Teacher
Contact Library Media Center  Library Media Center Librarian
Contact Sarah Meiners  Sarah Meiners Science Teacher
Contact Katherine Mills  Katherine Mills Nurse
Contact Megan Mosher  Megan Mosher Science Teacher
Contact David North  David North Vocal Music Teacher
Contact Danika Novak  Danika Novak Comm. Arts Teacher
Contact Michael O'Brien  Michael O'Brien English Teacher
Contact Sarah Otto  Sarah Otto Counselor (Names H-O)
Contact Penny Perriguey  Penny Perriguey Science Teacher
Contact Tiffany Poggas  Tiffany Poggas Science Teacher
Contact Timothy (Willy) Poggas  Timothy (Willy) Poggas ISS / Credit Recovery
Contact Shelby Puls  Shelby Puls (636) 583-2513 ex: 1712 Counselor (Names P-Z)
Contact Caroline Rehling  Caroline Rehling Social Studies Teacher
Contact Rhonda Reidel  Rhonda Reidel SPED Teacher / Resource
Contact Cassie Rice  Cassie Rice Band Teacher
Contact Doug Rice  Doug Rice Band Teacher (*)
Contact Dan Ridgeway  Dan Ridgeway AD
Contact Cindy Robey  Cindy Robey Paraprofessional
Contact Ken Salsman  Ken Salsman Special Education Teacher
Contact Linda Scheidemantel  Linda Scheidemantel A+ Coordinator
Contact Jennifer Schwentker  Jennifer Schwentker Comm Arts Teacher
Contact Sarah Serbus  Sarah Serbus Drama Teacher-Theatre/Comm Arts
Contact William Shofner  William Shofner Spanish Teacher
Contact Christopher Simmons  Christopher Simmons P.E. Teacher / Head Boys Basketball Coach
Contact Claire Smith  Claire Smith Comm Arts Teacher
Contact Crystal Smith  Crystal Smith Paraprofessional
Contact Dennis Smith  Dennis Smith Math Teacher
Contact Dianne Smith  Dianne Smith Spanish Teacher (*)
Contact Haley Soetebier  Haley Soetebier College & Career Advisor (Names M-Z)
Contact Lauran Spier  Lauran Spier Paraprofessional
Contact Teresa Springer  Teresa Springer Foreign Language Teacher-German
Contact Taylor Tholen  Taylor Tholen Instructional Tech Coach
Contact Kluesner Tina  Kluesner Tina Teacher
Contact Autumn Underberg  Autumn Underberg Yearbook Club Sponsor
Contact Michael Underberg  Michael Underberg Social Studies Teacher
Contact Linda Veasman  Linda Veasman Financial Secretary
Contact Andrew Wanager  Andrew Wanager Paraprofessional
Contact Erick Webster  Erick Webster P.E. Teacher-Weight Training - Head Football Coach
Contact Dusty Weiskopf  Dusty Weiskopf Health Teacher - Head Girls Basketball Coach
Contact Mike Williford  Mike Williford School Resource Officer - UHS
Contact Dennis Wilson  Dennis Wilson Art Teacher